Management Office Held 2019 Annual Working Conference

Oct 29, 2019
Update: Nov 14, 2019

On the afternoon of January 16th, the University Town Management Office held the 2019 annual working conference in the lecture hall of library to comprehensively summarize the annual work in 2018 and make a good start for the work in 2019. Liu Ying, Director of the University Town Management Office, Wu Xiaofeng, Secretary of the School Party Committee and Vice Dean of Tsinghua Shenzhen Graduate School, NiuHongwei, Vice Dean of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, Yao Yingxue, Vice Dean of Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), Yan Hui, Director of the Higher Education Department of the Municipal Education Bureau, and 150 staff from the Management Office and its directly affiliated departments attended the conference.

The conference was divided into 2 parts and 4 sessions. The first part of the conference was hosted by Dai Xingyi, Deputy Director of the Management Office. Officials from different departments, library, network center, and the sports center (planning) reported on their annual work and conducts, and had assessments respectively, so that people from all departments of the Management Office and the three Universities in the University Town could have a deeper understanding of the work of each department in 2018.

The second part of the conference was hosted by Liu Ying, Director of the Management Office. Firstly, the leaders of the universities in the University Town briefly reviewed the overall situation of party building, discipline development, talent training, high-end talent introduction, scientific research, and undergraduate campus (characteristic college) in 2018, and introduced the ideas of development in 2019. Then, Liu Ying, Director of the Management Office, summarized the work of the Office in 2018 and arranged the work for 2019.

In his speech, Liu Ying first expressed his gratitude to all the departments in the University Town for their support for the work of the Management Office. He pointed out that all departmentsin the University Town were encountered with various difficulties and challenges in 2018. Thanks to everyone's efforts, the University Town had achieved fruitful results of education, which was remarkable. He also put forward 2 requirements for the work in the new year. On the one hand, the Management Office should strengthen the institution construction in an all-round way and developits own strength, which requires to strengthen the party organization building, optimize the institutionfunctions, and attach importance to team buildingcontinuously.On the other hand, the Management Office should strengthen the coordination and innovation, and continuously promote the project planning of the second phase of the library and the construction of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Document Information Center and the intelligent campus platform. It should promote the continuous upgrading of the safety management of the park, strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility of the safety work, and make clearthe logistics management mechanism of the park completely. It shouldpromote the steady adjustment of the operating mechanism of the sports center, and improve the service for teachers and students of the three universities in the University Town. It should promote the smooth opening of the conference center, and promote the substantial progress in the work of the Experimental SchoolAlliance in the University Town. Besides, it shouldalso explore deeply and expand widely tofind the correct positioning, strengthen the team, accelerate the construction of the park management system matched with the first-class universities and international parks, and make itself the best partner of the three universities in a new stage of development.