Management Office Elected New Committee of General Party Branch

Jul 8, 2019
Update: Nov 14, 2019

On the morning of July 4th, a general conference of the party members of theManagement Office of the University Town of Shenzhenwas held in the conference hall on the 4th floor of the University Town Library. A total of 46 full party members attended the meeting and elected Liu Ying, Sun Tao, Zhang Yiqiang, Zhou Shiqing, Gao Dehong, XueLieshuan and Dai Xingyi as members of the new CPC committee of the general party branch of the Management Office. Subsequently, the first meeting of the new general party branch committee was held, withComrade Liu Ying elected as Secretary of the general branch and Comrade Dai Xingyias Deputy Secretary of the general branch. Member of the Education Committee of CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, party member and Deputy Director of the Bureau of Education of Shenzhen Municipality, Secretary of Party Committee of the Bureau of Education of Shenzhen Municipality,Xu Jianlingattended the meeting and delivered a speech.

On behalf of the new party committee, Liu Ying said that the committee together with all party members will strive to reform and innovatein a down-to-earth manner, pay close attention to the implementationunder the leadership of Party Committee of the Bureau of Education of Shenzhen Municipality, so as to create a new situation in the party building of the Management Office.

Xu Jianlingbegan his speech with warm congratulations onthe convening of the conference and the formation of the new branch committee members. On the one hand, he highly affirmed the achievements made by the general party branch in centering on the reform and development of the University Town underthe guidance of the party’s line, principles and policies. On the other hand, he put forward requirements for the new general party branch: first, the party’s political buildingshould be put in the first place; second, the construction of primary organizations of the party should be strengthened; third, close attention should be paid to the building of the party’s style of work and discipline; fourth, to improve working capacity through party building. The new general party branchneeds to continuously enhancethe party buidingof the Management Office in a scientific way, making new contributions to the reform and development of the University Town.

The conferencewas strictly held in accordance with the election methods and procedures prescribed in the Constitution of the CPC. In the meeting, thereplyto the list of the candidatesand the Election Methods of General Conferences of the Party Members of the Management Office of the University Town of Shenzhen were read and approved. Based on the principle of being fair, just and open, ballot and multi-candidate election was held and the order of the candidates’ nameswas arranged according to the stroke of the last name. The result was shown through on-site counting and monitoring. (General Office)