2017 Shenzhen College Electronic Music Festival Rocks the City

Sep 11, 2017
Update: Sep 11, 2017

For the purpose of “cultural innovation and public sharing”, being one of the special offers of 2017Nanshan Pop Music Festival held in University Town of Shenzhen, 2017 Shenzhen College Electronic Music Festival stepped out of the conventions and invited around 10 college electronic music bands in Shenzhen to gather in the University Town of Shenzhen. The participants mainly come from theUniversity Town of Shenzhen area, including Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University, Graduate School at Shenzhen, Beijing University, HIT (Shenzhen), Shenzhen University, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen Polytechnic, Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology. Dai Xingyi, Deputy Director of the University Town of Shenzhen Management Committee, and Chang Liang, Director of Art Division of Publicity Department of Nanshan District Committee, participated in this event.

Numerous college music bands from Shenzhen gathered in the University Town of Shenzhen and provided a high quality performance for the people in Shenzhen. The performancefeatured great varieties and the audiences were in high spirit at the scene. From Jazz to Rock, Punk, folk songs, and dance and A cappella, this event presented an extremely rich and versatile college music festival and has attracted thousands of people to watch the performance. Freaks, the opening dance sent by the art troupe of the University Town of Shenzhen, instantly attracted the audiences’ attention. Followed by Having Fried Chicken at People’s Square, California Hotel, Finding Myself, as well as various other jaw-dropping performances sent by Shenzhen University and Shenzhen Polytechnic also greatly inspired the viewers. The most special performance of this event was the two choruses by the H20 art troupe of Shenzhen University, which won great applauds at the scene.

The great success of this event not only showcased the art capacity of the lecturers and students in colleges in Shenzhen, as a special offer of 2017 Nanshan Pop Music Festival held in the University Town of Shenzhen, its success also displayed the positive, healthy, and enterprising spirit of the lecturers and students, and injected a “highly accomplished and high quality” higher education force into the cultural development in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City.